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Our Laboratory is equipped with the latest scientific equipment and trained specialized staff to conduct the highest experimentation and reach high research standards in the fields of Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Serology and Endocrinology.

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The Microbiology section includes the culture of microorganism from different clinical samples and the antibiotic susceptibility test whenever an organism is isolated. Microbiology englobes bacteriology, mycology and parasitology.

The Chemistry section includes various automated techniques and assays that are used to measure parameters from body fluids (serum, urine…) in order to assess the function of the body organs (liver, kidney, pancreas…)

The Hematology section includes several techniques to count and morphologically profile blood cells , various body fluid testing and analysis, coagulation studies, blood grouping and antibody screening as well as other hemoglobinopathy related testing.

The Immunology section includes several automated procedures that can help in the diagnosis and assessment of allergy, autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency.

The Serology section includes diagnostic tests measuring the blood level of certain antibodies that may result upon exposure to a specific infectious agent.

The Endocrinology section includes various automated techniques and assays that are used to assess the function of the endocrine system via measuring the hormones level in the blood.

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