General Mission

Our Anesthesiology Department is dedicated to provide the best care in the field of Anesthesia and Analgesia. It is continuously seeking to preserve the safest environment in the hospital’s Operating Rooms and to ensure that patients receive the best and highest quality service.

Our Anesthesiologist are highly skilled and trained in all tests and procedures of Anesthesia.

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Clinical Mission

    • Ensure the comfort and safety of patients during Surgical or Medical interventional acts.
    • Reduce the consequences of surgical or medical interventional acts to support patients during pre-, per – and postoperative in support of the operating teams.
    • In charge of Medical and/or Surgical Emergencies.
    • Participate in the management of pain right out of the recovery room in accordance to international protocols.
    • Measure the Anesthetic risk: identification of the risk at the preanesthetic consultation.
    • Reduce some critical risks: implementation of the internal guidelines, and good clinical practices commission with target objective to validate certain practices.
    • Better communication within teams and patients.
    • Organize an audit of certain practices at risk and monitoring of the Guidelines program.

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