All About Eye & Ear Hospital International

Brief Overview

The Eye & Ear Hospital International was established in 1995 to create the most advanced facility in the Middle East for the diagnosis and management of eye, ear, nose & throat disorders, in addition to facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries.  Located in Beirut at the junction of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Arabian Gulf Areas, the Eye & Ear Hospital similarly joins the most qualified physicians and surgeons with the most up-to-date medical technology, the best in the area.

The Eye & Ear Hospital is affiliated to the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) and is dedicated to offer specialized training programs to Residents in Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology. The Hospital also holds and affiliation with Saint-Joseph University (USJ) for Residents training in Ophthalmology.

The Medical staff of the Eye & Ear Hospital is highly qualified with most of its members holding a subspecialty training and European or American Boards. They also hold teaching appointments at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik.

The Eye & Ear Hospital is committed to excellence in treatments and continuous medical growth through applied research, professional development and service.

Mission & Vision

The Eye & Ear Hospital is dedicated to provide the best quality care and services for Lebanon and the MENA region through creative leadership and quality initiative.

The Eye & Ear Hospital is continuously seeking to be a leading hospital in its field and is recognized regionally and internationally for excellence in patient care, dedicated doctors and staff, as well as for education and research.

The Eye & Ear Hospital has the following core values in which it strongly believe, as an institution.

  • Compassion: Empathy and care to patients and their families
  • Accountability: Full responsibility to patients and to each other
  • Respect: Each person is treated with dignity, honesty and fairness
  • Excellence: Personalized and high quality treatment

Serving our Community

At Eye & Ear Hospital, we do not only strive for best medical care and experience but we also support to cut down on the amount of waste in order to serve the environment and nature in the best way possible. We ensure a clean and eco-friendly environment to the Lebanese community by reducing, reusing and recycling plastic & paper waste.

We also pursue continuous campaigns and educational seminars with specific associations to raise awareness on the health effects of certain diseases and how to prevent them


We constantly invest in high-end equipment

In the early 1990s,  Dr. Alex Jalkh, an assistant professor in Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, had the idea of establishing a specialized Eye & Ear hospital in Lebanon, the first of its kind in the eastern Mediterranean area. A clinician researcher, Dr. Jalkh a very close collaborator to Dr. Charles Schepens who is the father and inventor of retinal detachments surgery and who was elected by the American academy of  ophthalmology as the most prominent ophthalmologist of the 20th century. Dr. Jalkh spent 20 years as a Vitreoretinal specialist at the Massachusetts  Eye and Ear infirmary and at the Schepens Eye Research institute, two Harvard medical school institutions where he worked in research as a scientist particularly developing laser technology in the eye and in teaching as director of the fellowship program in Retina and Vitreous surgery.

The opening ceremony of the eye and ear hospital took place in October 1995 in the presence of many Lebanese officials and known medical figures from Lebanon. And with the participation of Dr. Kenneth Kenyon, professor in ophthalmology at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear infirmary and Harvard medical school in Boston.

Facts & Figures

Since 1995,  the Eye & Ear Hospital  pursue excellence in healthcare, research & education every day. Here are a few fast facts

Patient Care since 1995:

Outpatient Clinic Visits1,157,751
Outpatient Medical Files311,235
Major OR Cases103,270
Minor OR Cases34,408
Emergency Department Visits43,700
Licensed Beds36


Testimonials Slider Feature

  • The best hospital ever thanks to all the staff and all the nurses.
    Evelyn El Chemor Treated for 2 weeks
  • Ten minutes eye surgery with immediate recovery, best decision of my life !
    Wissam Tarabay Visitor
  • The Eye & Ear Hospital provided great care and service for my child. All doctors and nurses cared about my child’s well-being and displayed it on a daily basis.
    Manal Jaber X Patient


Message From The Heart Of The Eye & Ear hospital International

Our hospital was established in 1995 as the first specialized hospital in Lebanon and the second specialized hospital in the Middle East region. The purpose was to offer our patients the best specialty care to same level as it is delivered in the best specialty hospitals in the United States and Europe.
We offer medical care to the Lebanese and Middle Eastern communities with the most up to date technology at our disposal. Our hospital is committed to continuous medical teaching and training doctors in the field of Ophthalmology and ENT particularly through an affiliation to the Faculties of Medical Sciences of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik and St. Joseph University. We also promote and fully encourage clinical research that is conducted by our highly qualified Medical Staff and Residents.
We are here to serve all our patients with “Excellence Experience and Compassion”.

Dr Pierre Jalkh

Chief Executive Officer

Accreditations, Awards and Achievements