On 9th June 2011, the Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) organized a ceremony to sign a cooperation agreement with the Eye & Ear Hospital International . The agreement was signed by the University represented by its Rector, RP Hady Mahfouz, and Eye & Ear Hospital represented by the President of the Hospital, Professor Alexandre Jalkh.

The purpose of this agreement was to improve the level of medical services at the hospital and, at the same time, meet the academic and teaching needs of the Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences. It also aimed at promoting clinical medical education and providing continuous updates in the field of medical care and medical prevention, as well as implementing medical quality criteria in line with international medical standards.

After the Lebanese national anthem, a documentary on the Eye & Ear Hospital International was presented.  The welcome speech was given by Dr. Faten El Hage.  Mr. Alexandre Najjar, lawyer and writer, delivered a speech in which he underlined the importance of training qualified doctors capable of carrying out the extraordinary mission entrusted to them in protecting and saving lives. He also considered that “it is thanks to partnerships of this kind, which allow real synergy between the active forces that our country Lebanon will be able to continue to live and radiate, in spite of the chronic instability that undermines it”

For his part, Prof. Jean-Claude Lahoud, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences, said in his speech that “this convention aims at strengthening the clinical and professional education in the service of our students and, by extension of course, to the service of the Lebanese community “. Prof. Lahoud added that “this quest for excellence represents an inexhaustible source of energy that stimulates man in his quest for perfection. The same goes for this cooperation agreement, which reflects a mutual desire to optimize our brilliant achievements. ”
In turn, Professor Alexandre Jalkh emphasized in his speech that Eye & Ear Hospital has always been at the forefront of technology, making available to its doctors the better equipment, which is constantly being renewed to keep pace with global progress in the medical field. Professor Jalkh added that “the historic national presence of the Lebanese Maronite Order, especially through Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, can only encourage us to make available to them our most advanced means, our expertise and our scientific medical knowledge”.

Finally, RP Hady Mahfouz delivered a speech in which he pointed out that this agreement should function as an integral and harmonious entity and strive towards great achievements. Father Mahfouz also stated that “this event also reflects the spirit of openness of our institution.

After signing the agreement, a reception was organized for the occasion.