Patient & Visitor Guide

Why Choose Eye & Ear University Hospital

For the past decades, the Eye & Ear University Hospital has been proud to receive international patients from all over the Gulf region.

Our Hospital has over 25 years of experience and is the second specialized hospital to open in the Middle East. Our team is comprised of the most qualified doctors in the region, all holding a European or American Board and trained at the best healthcare institutions in the world.

Below listed are all the requirements that International Patients need to prepare and organize before visiting EEUH.



Appointments can be scheduled in two different ways. The patient either calls the hospital and requests an appointment or he sends an Email enquiring about possible dates to visit the hospital. After the assessment of the email, our customer service will call the patient in order to confirm his appointment on a given date.


Travel Requirements

Patients should first of all check if  their passport nationality permits them to enter Lebanon without a visa, otherwise they are responsible to for all the required documents (Visa or other) in order to enter Lebanese territory. Second, patients should search online for a suitable accommodation (Hotels, Airbnb…) in close proximity to the hospital if they wish. We would be more than glad to help and recommend nearby comfortable accommodations close to the hospital.


Billing Support

 Our Patient Services team is dedicated to assist you in understanding your financial responsibilities and paying your medical bills.

Here are the common ways you can pay for your healthcare services

  • Health Insurance: If your insurance policy covers international services and has an agreement with our Hospital, then you may want to use your insurance to pay for your healthcare.
  • Self-pay: You will pay for your healthcare yourself using one of the acceptable forms of payment
      • Cash (Lebanese Pounds, US Dollars and Euros)
      • Visa Card or MasterCard